Wealth and Rise After Marriage

Rohit kashyap Astrologer

Relationship and Intimacy play a major role in our evolutionary process as human beings. Love, sexuality, relationships, intimacy, and marriage are crucial areas in life and Vedic astrology devotes considerable attention to these areas. In fact, marriage fulfills most of these on both physical as well as mental plane. Our life journey become quite interesting, if we act as per nature’s dictates. Apart from these, there is one more significant aspect and that is wealth in relation to marriage. Singles are more interested in knowing financial health of their prospective spouse. Many female clients ask about the growth and rise of their would-be son-in-law.

Astrologers are being consulted especially for wealth and rise after marriage. Is there any astrological basis or clues for lady luck or luck after marriage i.e. wealth and rise after marriage? Husband and wife being two body, their destiny and luck starts running on same track with plenty of sharing. In today’s changed circumstances, earning money is no longer the monopoly of husband and taking care of domestic issues is the subject of wives. Now-a-days both wife and husband are earning money and share equal responsibilities of external affairs. Even then we can say they share almost same destiny.

Some people enjoy clear increment wealth and rise after marriage and soon accumulate wealth beyond expectation. And few live moderate life even after marriage. Some of those who get severe setbacks after marriage start blaming their spouse and proved them unlucky. Some marriages bring loss of harmony in family and proved nightmare for both of them. Karmic theory postulates the reason for happy marital life or birth of any discord. Whatever you have done for your spouse in your previous life, you are being paid back by your spouse in this life.

If a person is unable to earn good money or assume he has few money yoga (planetary combinations) in his horoscope or he has very limited amount of money indicated by his chart in his entire life. Suppose, he marries to a lady who has great wealth and money yoga in her chart, then his financial condition will automatically improved. There may be a business running by wife or in her name or she may be a high profile executive having lucrative package. That’s why Kundali matching has become a rule these days.

Importance of various Houses

In Vedic astrology, Lagna is always important because your life story starts from here. Strong Lagna and Lagna Lord will make you influential person in addition to other advantages. If you are judging wealth and rise after marriage part, 1st, 7th, and 8th house and their lords are important because 1st house is you, 7th is your wife (in case of female 7th house is husband) and 8th house is second from 7th. And second house represent accumulated wealth and money however 8th house is

also just opposite to actual 2nd house and also known as inheritance house (in-laws). Hence 8th house and its lord are very important and actually enlighten us as how much wealth you will get through marriage (8th house is generally regarded bad but also gives profit in many unexpected ways).

There are many ways to determine lady luck or luck after marriage in the horoscope. As per Vedic Astrology the 7th house and its lord (also positive and negative influence on this house and on its lord), Marriage karaka Venus (for male), Jupiter & Mars (for female) and the planets with the lord of 7th house, Navamansa chart, 7th house of Navamsha, 9th house of navamsha, Dara Karaka and Upapada Lagna etc. are all important determinant in considering rise after marriage.

If we analyse and discuss every factor influencing wealth and rise after marriage, the article will be very long and technical in character, so we will discuss one important factor i.e. positioning of second lord in your 7th house for every lagna.

2nd Lord in 7th House

The 7th house is called the house of marriage, spouse, and business partners. When the lord of 2nd house, occupies the 7th house, the native becomes rich after marriage. Either the native marries a wealthy person or he earns lots of affluence and status after marriage. Being a Kendra house, 7th is very important in marital issues and also it assumes high importance because of it being the house of minor profession or livelihood as it is 10th from 10th house.

When placed in seventh house, it aspects the ascendant, which is a positive quality. Though the seventh house is sixth house from the 2nd house, the 2nd lord will aspect the ascendant, makes the native rich, after marriage.

Aries Ascendant:

The 2nd lord Venus will be in 7th house of Libra. This is own and mool trikon sign for Venus. Venus performs financially very well in this house. Since Venus is also a Karaka for this house and any planet present in its karaka house destroys the promise, so there will be delay in marriage. Since Venus is powerful maraka (lord of 2nd house and 7th house are called maraka) for this sign, it brings some difficulty to the native during its dasa period.

Taurus Ascendant:

The 2nd lord Mercury will be in 7th house of Scorpio. This is neutral sign to Mercury. So, overall performance of Mercury will be an average one. It also loses its directional strength in 7th house. Because it is 5th lord also, Mercury brings good spouse and prosperity to the native.

Gemini Ascendant:

The 2nd lord Moon will be in 7th house in Sagittarius. Moon is not beneficial here as it is a neutral house for Moon. 7th house becomes pataka sthana (evil position) for this ascendant as Gemini is a dual sign. Moon is patakapati (lord of evil house) in 7th house for this ascendant and is not considered good. Though, Moon aspecting the ascendant brings some wealth to the native.

Cancer Ascendant:

The 2nd lord Sun will be in 7th house in Capricorn. Sun performs reasonably poor in this place because Sun is enemy to Capricorn. Though, native gets wealth after marriage, his marital life may not be very happy. Sun aspecting the ascendant, makes the native inflexible and dominant. The native may have some eye problem.

Leo Ascendant:

The 2nd lord Mercury will be in 7th house in Aquarius. Mercury loses its directional strength in 7th house and is neutral to Aquarius. However, aspect of Mercury on Lagna, makes native intelligent.

Virgo Ascendant:

Venus will be the 2nd lord and placed in 7th house in Pisces. This is exaltation sign for Venus. Virgo is also a dual sign so 7th house is pataka sthana for this ascendant; it may bring some problem related to women. But Venus is exalted in Pisces so native will enjoy abundant luxury and lustful life.

Libra Ascendant:

The 2nd lord Mars will be in 7th house in Aries. Native becomes short tempered and adamant, if Mars is placed in 7th house. But Aries is Mars’s own sign so, native will be able to accumulate many immovable properties after marriage.

Scorpio Ascendant:

The 2nd lord Jupiter will be in 7th house in Taurus, which is an enemy sign to Jupiter. Jupiter being an auspicious planet, native will be rich after marriage and spouse behavior will also be satisfactory. Though, Jupiter loses its directional power in 7th house. Sometimes, aspect of Jupiter on Lagna delays marriage.

Sagittarius Ascendant:

The 2nd lord Saturn will be in 7th house in Gemini. Saturn gets directional strength in this house. Gemini is friendly sign to Saturn. So, Saturn performs well and brings abundant prosperity to the native. However, Saturn in 7th house delays marriage and chances of getting wicked spouse is higher.

Capricorn Ascendant:

The 2nd lord Saturn will be in 7th house in Cancer. Though, Saturn is enemy sign to Cancer, but Saturn will get directional strength in this house. Native will be wealthy after marriage. However, Saturn in 7th house delays marriage and brings wicked spouse.

Aquarius Ascendant:

The 2nd lord Jupiter will be in 7th house in Leo. Jupiter loses its directional power in this house but this is friendly sign to Jupiter. Good spouse is assured. Native becomes rich after marriage.

Pisces Ascendant:

The 2nd house lord Mars will be in 7th house in Virgo. Mars in 7th house creates Mangal dosha to the native. Moreover, native becomes short tempered and stubborn and inflexible. Virgo is an enemy sign for Mars.


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