Reasons for Delay in Marriage and Remedies

Rohit kashyap Astrologer

Till 70s-80s, girls were expected to get married right out of graduation and begin a family soon after. However, today, women are increasingly exploring other options for themselves. Marriage is no longer the only one. Deliberately delaying marriage (pushing the age at marriage into the late 20s and higher) is an increasing trend in India, mostly due to education attainment, career growth and an urge for safe financial settlement in life etc.

                      It has completely transformed the social impact of this institution. We all know that delayed marriage allows women to pursue education, training, and job experience before they start a family. In cities even women having low educational accomplishments and having low-paid job also tend to delay their marriages on one pretext or the other. Once in a newspaper a sociological study on marriage was published favouring late marriages. Study revealed that couples who marry in their late twenties and thirties are somewhat less likely to divorce than those who marry in their mid twenties, reason being they argue less often and less intensely. Nevertheless, these couples do not appear to be happier. It reflects that with maturity, they learnt the art of give and take and conciliation. The research study also advised that couples who marry in their twenties have more regular sex and are more likely to carry a common faith and share common memories and values of family traditions—all factors that promote high marital quality.

                        However, it has been found that men and women both suffer on account of delay in marriage. If a boy is having a weak or afflicted Moon, emotional and social expression may lead to more frequent drinking, more hopelessness, and lower levels of life satisfaction in comparison to their married fellow. Women have to face social downsides. Sometimes impractical wish from a prospective bride or groom causes unnecessary delay in marriage. It is always a better choice to remain under the guidance of a competent astrologer to ascertain proper timing, choice and future prospect of marital bliss.

Reasons for Delayed Marriage:

                 The average marriageable age of girl which was 18-23 a few decades back has gone to 28-33 or even more now in average Indian society. So, it has become a burning and most annoying problem to the modern Indian society. Many astrological reasons may contribute to this difficult situation.

                If we look at the birth chart of a girl, the reason for delay in marriage can be understood; Seventh house in a horoscope is called Kalatra (spouse) bhava and indicates the marital bliss. This house has its own importance in interpreting the married life status of an individual. Jupiter is the significator of marriage in a girl's horoscope. So placement of Jupiter should also be observed before match making and for a happy married life. In order to interpret 7th house, the following issues should be taken care of:

7th lord aspected by strong malefic and combust.

Strong malefic Saturn Mars in 1/7 or 2/8.

Benefics are retrograde.

Venus is combust.

12th house is not under double affliction.

Dara karaka is not afflicted.

Horoscope has Mangal dosha.

4th house is under triple affliction.

Sun, Moon near to each other or if Sun and Moon are afflicted.

The results of 7th from Venus are important.

Saturn dominant delays or denies marriage if it afflicts by square or opposition. In male horoscope - Venus and in female horoscope - Mars.

 Lagna lord in the 12 delays marriage or married life is destroyed especially if 8th lord is in the 7th house or 7th lord is in 8th house.

When Sun, Moon and the 5th lord are in conjunction with or aspected by Saturn.

If the 7th lord, Lagna and Venus fall in barren signs viz. Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.

 Venus conjoins Moon aspected by Mars and Saturn and the 7th house is not aspected by Jupiter or malefic in 1st , 7rh and 12th houses.

 Saturn in 2nd, Rahu in 9th , 7th lord and a malefic in the 3rd house.

If Mars and Venus combine in 5th, 7th or 9th house, but receive evil aspect from Jupiter.

 If the 7th lord and Jupiter are aspected by Saturn.

 Malefics in either side of 7th house also causes delays in marriage (papkirti yoga.)

Other reasons of delay in marriage

                      Role of 2nd house: The 2nd, 7th and the 8th houses are checked to find out whether the person will have an early or delayed marriage. The 2nd house is the house of the family, and the 7th and 8th houses are for marital happiness. If the 2nd house has a retrograde planet, the person will have to try hard to get married.

That’s why if the planet placed in the 2nd house is retrograde or if the lord of 2nd house is retrograde then it indicates a delay in marriage.

                      If the 2nd house is occupied by malefic and the lord of 2nd house is placed in the 12th house then also the native will have late marriage. If the 2nd house is occupied by the Moon and Saturn then also there are all chances of delay in marriage.

                      If the lord of ascendant and Moon sign are placed with a malefic planet and placed in the 7th house, also the 7th lord is placed in the 12th house, indicates late marriage. If the 6th, 7th or 12th house lord is placed in the 7th house or aspect the 7th house it indicates delay in the happiness of married life. If the 5th lord and 7th lord mutually aspect each other and are in conjunction with the malefic planets the marriage will be delayed due to some opposition. But if the 5th or 7th lords are in their own house or exalted then the marriage won’t be delayed.

Remedial Measures:

 Girls should perform ‘Gouri Puja’ and repeat the stotram as many times as possible in front of Goddess Durga photo.

 If Dasha lord afflicts the 7th house of a native, he/she should propitiate deity to the planet and seek blessings.

 If Mangal dosha is present- chanting of shri Mangala Chandika Stotra by the girls before five-faced lamp. Another remedy is doing Parvati Swayamvara sloka on every Friday evening before panchamukhi deepam.- or simply recite Mangal Mantra “Om Kram Kreem Krom Saha Bhoumaye Namah”.

For other combinations, chant “Om Brahm Brahaspataye Namah” if the person is female, and “ Om Shum shukraye Namah” if the perosn is a male.

Boys should worship Goddess lakshmi as she is significator of planet Venus, karka for marriage.

If the dasha, antardasha and transits are favorable, it will be easy to find the right partner and marry, so get your running dasha and transit checked by a competent astrologer.


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