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It is well said that marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth because no one can foretell who will marry whom. Two people may love each other very much but may end up not marrying each other, and two people who do not even know each other may marry in the end. Marriage is still very important around the world no matter how it is celebrated. It is also called matrimony or wedlock.Now a days smart phones and applications have made things easier for man that he does so many things by his own. Like he feels by doing match making on computer software, he does not need to go the astrologer for further analysis. But here he does a big mistake because computer generated match making can never give accurate result which learned astrologer can give.making is also called Kundli Match in vedic astrology. Kundli match is simply a way of looking at boy & girl birth chart in software, matching their horoscopes and looking at the score that software throws out. There are maximum 36 points you can get in Kundli match. The problem is that people believe on these scores blindly and become their own astrologer. The true secrets of astrology says that score is 25% of the entire game.

are so many important factors in Kundali which only astrologer can see. Like role of venus and moon is as important as Jupiter and ascendant. , this is to be even before checking for Jupiter's position or Ascendant lord position. A girl's Moon in her birth chart should always come after the boy's moon. Like if in girl's kundali Moon in the 5th house, then the best position for the boy's moon would be to be anywhere between 1st house- 5th house, and if the boy's moon is also in the 5th house of his birth chart then the moon's degree should be lower than girl's moon degrees.

is quite important to be seen because for successful marriage emotions play very important role and moon in astrology belongs to emotions, feelings. And the reason behind the girl's moon after than the boy's moon is that girl's are generally more emotional than boy's and here boy should reach to the girl first whenever she needed. But if it's the opposite means girl's moon is before boy's moon, then the girl will always try to reach out to the man in marriage which can destroy the marriage, because at one point the girl will feel used and abused emotionally by that guy.formula applies for Venus, as Venus in astrology is all about pleasure, especially pleasure shared with someone else. This planet concerns itself with love, romance and harmony in our emotional attachments, marriages, friendships. Venus is content to spread happiness and tenderness, all the while teaching us how to love and appreciate others and the things that we possess. So, boy needs to be there for the woman first before girl. After moon and Venus got checked ascendants of both girl's and boy's kundali is to be checked. . If a boy and girl both have the same ascendant, then it is a not called a good match because there may arise issues regarding their egos. No one would listen other. This may develop enmity rather than love and the relation might end up in divorce. The suitable match will be one has friendly relation between the ascendant lord. Means if the girl's ascendant is Libra whose lord is Venus than boy's ascendant should be friendly to Venus.

the house of marriage (7th house) in astrology is to be checked. The position of 7th house lord is also to be seen. If both are damaged that means marriage will not last long or have a bad end. So this is to be seen very carefully because it is after all one's life's matter.

if there is If there is Saturn in the 7th house, Rahu in the 7th house and especially Ketu in the 7th house then marriage is either delayed of this particular person or this person is not meant for marriage. Aspects of these planets on 7th hosuse or it's lord also have the same outcome.if the lord of the seventh house is badly placed i.e. 6th , 8th or 12th houses have any other bad combination other bad planets than the adverse result is generally seen. But obviously do not go on this factor, there are many other factors that determines the final outcome. There are people who have Ketu in the 7th house and leading a happy married life because they might be Jupiter in the 7th house with Ketu or Jupiter aspecting 7th house and Jupiter is the promoter of marriage. Role of Venus is also equally important regarding this matter. So, this why never judge a chart form one advice for the people who are going to get married is that they should go to well learned astrologer with a good faith in him and get their horoscope properly checked and matched. Don't become your own doctor. 


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